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    2013 - 06.17

    Thank you for visiting BarbaraVision. I will not be accepting new clients at this time. Personal work has me limiting the time I can devote to BarbaraVision and counselling. Please enjoy the rest of my site. There are interesting articles, recommendations to other astrologers, and available CDs to consider.

    My current project is to produce a CD of my spoken word poetry. I have performed at a cafe in Tofino in May, and here in Vancouver in June. I’m polishing my timing in preparation for entering Slam contest performances.

    “Elephant Journal” my favourite online spiritual and worldly magazine is soon to publish one of my favourite poems “Breaststrokes”.


    “Barbara Anne Maloney has worked extensively in the fields of personal growth, health from an alternative perspective, and spirituality. She is a skilled worker in energy perception and energy balancing. Her psychic talents can help you answer the questions  on your life path.”

    Hope & Change
    How do we make this personal?
    How do we make this real?

    When we change our energy signal
    We change our life!

    I did an afternoon’s filming for “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” last year,Season 7. Here is a link. Sorry – with ads!

    Special Note: click this link to see a youtube short from a 1 hour TV show I did last year. I was the guest psychic on “The Winds of Change”.



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