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    2014 - 08.24

    Thank you for visiting BarbaraVision. I have had a lovely rest and restore period in the last two years. Now I am reopening with a bright new service offering. I am combining over thirty years of  my training in alternative therapies, my skills as a psychic reader, and the lovely therapy tools within my home that have served me so well in my own healing journey.  My  former life as a registered nurse in neurology/neurosurgery offers an underlying understanding of body physiology.  My husband and partner in healing studies, Brent Partridge is joining me in this endeavour. We offer you:

    Hands & Hearts Healing spa

    Offering support in your unique healing process.
    A course of action that best supports your needs and your personal recovery time is designed after an initial consultation.
    Therapies offered alone and in combination are:
    Healing touch sessions
    Magnetic therapy
    Therapeutic baths
    Far Infra Red Sauna therapy for heavy metal release
    Herbal support
    Dietary support
    Psychic counselling
    Crystal and Stone chakra layouts
    Energy Light Body integration
    Tools to manage ego

    First assessment consultation is $45 for 1 hour.
    Therapy sessions to follow are $85 for up to 1 1/2 hours
    Senior and low income discount of 10 % off.

    Specialty of the House: removing heavy metals and basic toxic overload from the body.
    Other conditions we can help you with: weight loss, giving up smoking, arthritis, low energy, diabetes,frequent colds and flu,
    We are not doctors and do not offer ourselves as replacements for allopathic medical advice.
    Rather we are skilled workers in alternative medical approaches to dis-ease. We have studied various methodologies over the last 25 years.

    Barbara Anne Maloney: Energy reader and psychic consultant since 1990. Her fields of interest are:
    healing with herbs
    Crystal and stone therapy
    Healing touch
    Live food therapy
    Reading the light body
    Therapeutic baths

    Brent Partridge: gifted Shaman, nature taught. His fields of interest are:
    Crystal and stone therapy
    Designer of energy tools. Spiral chi bracelets, magnet therapy disc, therapy wand

    Barbara: I did an afternoon’s filming for “The Real Housewives of Vancouver” last year,Season 7. Here is a link. Sorry – with ads!

    Special Note: click this link to see a youtube short from a 1 hour TV show I did last year. I was the guest psychic on “The Winds of Change”.



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