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  • Archive for May, 2004

    The Grace of Grieving

    2004 - 05.15

    My brother Michael is dying of Pancreatic Cancer. He is 60 years old. Last year, my younger sister had a radical mastectomy following her diagnosis of breast cancer. Another sister has had early stage cervical cancer. The statistics of Cancer are very real in my family of six siblings.


    Ways of the Goddess

    2004 - 05.14

    Although I am a middle aged woman with 4 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, an 82 year old mother, and various women friends, I have been slow to come to the ways of the Goddess. It even seems frivolous or “New Age” to name a search for her, but I think if I said I was searching for God, I would be seen to be on an honoured and well worn path.