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    2009 - 12.13

    Barbara Anne Maloney
    Energy Coach, Intuitive Astrologer, Psychic, StorytellerBorn: 1948, in a tiny logging community, a few hundred miles north of Sudbury, Ontario. I grew up in Sudbury, a mining town, within a busy family unit of eight. Sudbury is one of the world’s great meteor impact sites. Who knows what subtle influence the land exerted on my growing essence?

    Psychic profile
    I am an Aquarius – Pig.
    The key words here are “I know – I civilize.” and I do!

    My psychic gifts clicked into place in a moment, as I was driving with my husband, in Northern Saskatchewan, over 20 years ago. I said “all my life I have known something, but I don’t know what I know.” I was quite aware of how odd this sentence was, yet I was filled with curiosity and sincerity. As we crested the next hill, I was flooded with conscious message, and what began as a trickle soon became a river. It took the next 10 years of training to learn how to navigate this river of information. Psychics must learn how to separate themselves from other, in order for their work to be clean.

    During my last pregnancy, in 1988, I began to see entities, and solid matter shifting.
    Over the years many spirit guides or energy realities have influenced me, trained me up to the next level, and stretched my parameters. I read voraciously. I study under a master energy worker (Nancy Shipley Rubin @ www.rubinenterprises.info). I am both clairsentient and clairaudient. I feel energy flow, in myself, and in others. I “hear” messages. I live with syncronisity as a teaching tool. Patterns are frequently revealed to me, and this too is a tool.
    Married: 33 years. I met my love, Brent Partridge, while hitch-hiking out of Prince Rupert, BC.
    Children: One loved baby who died shortly after birth, his darling twin brother, and 2 grown children. Theo, Cody, Sarah, and Gaillen – they are also my teachers, each in their unique ways.
    Current work:

    • Bio-energy therapist and Coach, Psychic reader.
    • Ongoing creative projects – training CD’s, photo art cards.
    • Psychic home parties
    • Astrology columnist, for 10 years now, for “The Revue” a Vancouver community newspaper. I’m also the astrology columnist for “South Asian Woman” a Surrey community magazine. Writer projects – newspaper columns, poetry, booklets.
    • In 2009 I’m completing a 10 year phase of working with foreign students as Homestay hostess, teacher, guide. That was a time of wonderful community. I’m enriched by the pleasure of connecting to the larger family of man.

    Previous Work History:

    • Foster Parent (1992 – 1996), president of Vancouver Foster Parent Association, and editor of it’s newsletter.
    • Co-owner, with my husband Brent, of “Earth Magic” a New Age market on Granville Island (1990 – 1993) I designed and sold cotton baby clothes. I did tarot readings. We sold crystals, and ran a market focused on New Age services – with readers, ethnic stores, books, and a meeting room for classes and meditations.
    • West Coast commercial fisherwoman (1974 – 1987)
    • Registered Nurse – student, then general surgery, and neurosurgery nursing, (1966 – 1974)

    Hobbies: walking, learning, aqua fitness, gardening, reading, cycling, writing, photography, cooking, travel.

    Now that I’m in my 60’s, I look back with gratitude at the many coloured strands that make up this snuggly cloth of my life.
    I have been a waitress in the Yukon
    And a neurosurgical nurse in Toronto.
    I’ve witnessed both birth and death
    And the story board in between.

    I’ve clubbed huge salmon
    And grown into vegetarianism.

    I’ve camped
    At the side of the road in Alaska
    Only to awaken cold, flooded out
    And laughing
    In the thin morning air.

    I’ve hitch hiked across Canada
    Europe and Greece
    Being blessed
    Many times
    By the kindness of strangers.

    I married one of them!

    I’ve lived
    In an open walled palapas in Mexico
    Under an old silk parachute
    That we’d hung for a bedroom.
    Wave gossip and moonlight
    Lulled us to sleep.

    I take poor formal pictures
    And great moment pictures.
    I write poetry when it crowds my mind
    And cook poetry when the kitchen
    Sings in harmony.

    I fished the Pacific Ocean for 15 years
    Living and loving
    Teaching my home schooled children
    Learning Earth rhythm
    And people rhythm too.

    I’ve birthed four children
    And buried one.
    I’ve fostered the children of others
    And widened the doors
    To my heart in the process.

    I hear messages in moments.
    I see patterns connecting
    The lego pieces of life.
    And sometimes I share messages
    As a counselor
    A parent, lover, friend.
    Sometimes I even know when to be quiet
    . . . sometimes . . .

    I write an astrology column
    For everyday living
    Teach energy classes
    And play in the fields of possibility.

    I’m learning to bless
    Both my body and Earth’s body
    With organic gardening, composting
    Eating vegetarian, fitness walking
    Cycling on my 3 wheel bike, swimming.

    I study. I meditate. I pray.

    I’ve taught conversational English
    To my Homestay guests
    From around the world
    and learned a little
    about their world in the process.

    Forever linking.

    I’m at my beginning

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