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    The Grace of Grieving

    2004 - 05.15

    My brother Michael is dying of Pancreatic Cancer. He is 60 years old. Last year, my younger sister had a radical mastectomy following her diagnosis of breast cancer. Another sister has had early stage cervical cancer. The statistics of Cancer are very real in my family of six siblings.


    Ways of the Goddess

    2004 - 05.14

    Although I am a middle aged woman with 4 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, an 82 year old mother, and various women friends, I have been slow to come to the ways of the Goddess. It even seems frivolous or “New Age” to name a search for her, but I think if I said I was searching for God, I would be seen to be on an honoured and well worn path.


    Valentines Day Foot-in-mouth Disease

    2004 - 02.15

    I am not concerned about mad cow disease, or mad bird disease, or other popular anxieties. No, my specialty seems to be foot-in-mouth-disease. At least that’s how Valentines Day unfolded this year.


    Fear is not a Dowsing Tool

    2002 - 06.15

    I had a client who was trying to decide on a course of action. Many possibilities were presenting themselves, like buns in a bakery, and she had the means to buy. Yet each time she moved towards a selection, fear, confusion , and doubt spoke a seductive whisper in her ear. I had a clear image of her reaching forward to make the phone call that would result in her taking classes towards a new direction. Fear was stronger than curiosity though, and the call wasn’t yet made.