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    2017 - 04.10

    Change your energy signature
    Change your life!

    As a bio-energy coach I support and strengthen my client’s inner world just as a physical coach supports and guides us to strengthen our muscles. Both types of coaches aim to improve the quality of our life, our flexibility and our health.

    I am a bio-energy coach working within a number of disciplines. Each client session is unique and is guided by signalled need.

    I create user friendly bio-energy healing fields.
    We can strengthen our molecular light body and we can clear out blockage – old conditioning. I use several techniques to facilitate client healing, client growth, client renewal:

    * healing touch – my hands focus, increase and channel energy
    * crystal therapy – placing custom built magnetic power tools, crystals and stones on the body’s energy grid. My current collection of active stones and crystals number well into the hundreds. This is a rich resource of frequency adjustment tools.
    * sound therapy – toning for chakra balance. Brain sync sound therapy. Guided meditation as voice, story, truth. The healing power of sound.
    * bio-energy awareness training. The client is an active part of every session. Energy follows thought. Energy follows breath. You will breathe your new world into existence.

    Who would benefit from bio-energy support therapy?

    Anyone who wants to change an existing pattern in their physical, mental or emotional world. As we adjust subtle energy patterns, we affect our whole system.

    Sessions are $95 plus GST for 1  hour.

    Dress comfortably for laying back on my reclining therapy chair, under a warm blanket. This is a soothing stress free session with the potential for long term results.


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